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Achievement Unlocked: Technician Exam Passed!

So I've been radio silent (pun intended) for the past couple of weeks, but not for nothing. Besides my heavy workload, I've been studying for my Technician level exam for ham radio. I used two really great resources - and After over a month of studying and taking practice exams, I passed my tech exam with 33/35 correct.

BIG shoutout to the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group for proctoring my online exam. The guys were super friendly and helpful, and got me through the setup, testing, and follow up processes in good time.

The next steps are waiting for the FCC to send me my email to pay for my license, then wait for my new call sign. In the meantime, my short-term ham goals are to become proficient with my Baofeng UV-5R radio and pass my General level exam by he end of this year. Long-term, I want to get involved in ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and pass my Amateur Extra exam by the end of next year.

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