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Getting my Sh*t in Order

Now that I'm making more video content for the Texas Dark Skies YouTube channel, I'm trying to figure out how to balance that with my blog. I love writing and don't want to stop, but I also enjoy making videos about the night sky to share with a wider audience.

I've decided to set myself some limits on my blog and YouTube channel, as well as a set schedule. I think I'm going to limit my YouTube to astronomy, only adding in amateur radio and weather stuff as it pertains to astronomy. My blog is still gonna be a mix-mash of everything, but when it comes to astronomy I'm gonna write more about the details and put the general stuff in video format.

I'm limiting myself to one blog post and one video a week so I don't get overwhelmed. However, if I get a wild hair up my backside, I may put in more blog posts. You can expect new videos up on the channel on Sundays, while new blog posts will show up on Wednesdays.

I've also set some goals for myself. My new mantra is "Full-time by fifty"-by the time I turn 50, I wanna be a full-time astronomy YouTuber. If I can monetize my YouTube channel, I can provide both my channel viewers and my blog readers with more and better content. I also wanna start livestreaming my stargazing sessions. I have a webcam that drops into the eyepiece of my telescope and I wanna spend the back end of my life sharing the stars with the internet. The goal is once I get to 500 subscribers I'll set up a weekly livestream-if the weather is good I'll be sharing the stars, but if not I hope to line up some guests to talk about astronomy, such as some of the astronomy professors at the University of Texas. Maybe if I get the big numbers I can convince Neil deGrasse Tyson to do an interview!

So that's where I'm sitting at as 2023 comes to a close. I hope to keep providing all y'all with more information about the night sky and hopefully have more photos and videos to share with you.

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