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TDS has a graphic designer!

Texas Dark Skies is proud to welcome Louis Bressie (they/them), our new resident graphic designer!

Louis is not new to me-they're my child. I've known their love of art and animation since they were itty bitty. I had the privilege of watching stick figures evolve into skinny cats and lopsided people, and continue to change into some of the most wonderful artwork I've ever seen. I've seen them create amazing works of art using colored pencils, grease pencils, charcoals, and paints, as well as digital art created using different tools and applications.

As an adult, Louis has been practicing their craft independently, both through independent study and marketing their work on Carrd. As a member of Texas Dark Skies, they'll be helping me redesign and solidify our designs for all media platforms we're on-the website, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Patreon, and Discord. Their artwork will be included in upcoming videos on the TDS YouTube channel, and select prints will be available for sale in the TDS Shop.

You can check out more of Louis' work on Carrd.

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