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Space Advocacy

What is space advocacy? Space advocacy is supporting or advocating for a human use of outer space. Reasons for advocating for space are as unique as each individual involved. For me, I want to add to the sum total of human knowledge and push back the boundaries of our ignorance. I want to play a part in observing, studying, and learning about what lies past our atmosphere and share it with anyone and everyone. I want people to see the beauty of the universe and understand that we are all unique in our sameness-that we are all made up of the same fundamental elements (Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen) as stars and planets and space debris, and that we are all united as we stand together on this rock hurtling through space at hundreds of thousands of miles an hour.

The Planetary Society believes that the public should inform space policy through civic engagement. They pursue political advocacy to guide legislation and to educate, train, and mobilize their members to be effective space advocates. They also generate space policy to help build consensus about where to explore and how best to get there. 

Whether you choose to donate to the Planetary Society or not, they offer the public loads of information on not only space advocacy, but also the various projects they work on, like LightSail 2, which will provide data that can impact technology and our lives for decades to come. Please check out their site and consider becoming a space advocate.

Bill Nye-Planetary Society
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