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Space, the Final Frontier...

Much like Star Trek, my purpose is to seek out strange new worlds, new life, and new civilizations. Unfortunately, I don't have a Constitution-class starship or the power of the Federation at my disposal, so telescopes and digital imaging equipment will have to do (for now). 

So many exoplanets that could potentially support life have already been discovered. No doubt the professionals are already doing more detailed research with much better tools, but to be able to conduct any kind of research feels like I'm a part of not only the astronomy community, but brings me closer to something much bigger-the universe itself. 


Just a nerdy girl in a crazy world...

Here are the facts:

I'm a daughter, a sister, a mother, and a grandmother; I'm an Army veteran and an IT professional; I'm an enthusiast of numerous things including reading, cooking and baking, music, playing Xbox, and building things. I've loved outer space and the thought of aliens since I was a little girl and caught my first re-run of the original Star Trek on tv.

Now that my children are grown and gone, I'm spending my free time staring at the sky, surfing the airwaves, and generally enjoying being a nerd.

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