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I didn't set out to get into weather monitoring or meteorology or any of that, it just kinda fell under the umbrella of my other hobbies. I need clear skies for stargazing, as well as for good radio signal. When I joined Williamson County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (WC-ARES), I found we did a lot of weather monitoring in case we're needed during severe weather. Besides, it's kinda cool to have exact weather data for my front yard.


I picked up an Ambient Weather WS-2902 WiFi Smart Weather Station on Amazon during Prime Days and mounted it on a 6 foot pole mount in the front yard, about 25 feet from where the wifi extender is set up in the home office. It also came with a digital console to report all the stats back to, which I put in the living room so my mom can join in the fun of monitoring the weather with me. I do all my monitoring on the computer in the office so that I can gather reports to send to the Citizen Weather Observer Program. I mean, if I'm collecting all this weather data anyways, I might as well share it, right?

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