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EchoLink Repeater Project-Got the radio!

One of the projects I wanted to complete this year is to set up my own EchoLink repeater. I know I should've written out a roadmap or at least a basic plan before starting, but I tend to see my projects in my head and work from there, then document after the fact. So once the project is done I'll post the documentation.

For my radio, I decided on a Kenwood TM-D710A, which has native EchoLink capabilities. Because, you know, I didn't wanna have to Frankenstein a bunch of parts together. Small oversight-I need a power supply with an Anderson power pole. I'm taking the radio to my buddy Chris' house tonight to test. Also, the radio I got didn't come with the cables to connect it to the computer, so I ordered those on Amazon.

Next Steps:

  • power supply

  • antenna

  • cabling

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