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Delays to Data Collection and Training

I'd been plugging along with studying for various ham radio licenses, Amateur Radio Emergency Services training, and learning how to use the EXOTIC tools from NASA's JPL for recording and submitting data on variable stars, but now everything is on hold for at least the rest of the year.

My apartment complex advised me that they would be remodeling so I wouldn't be allowed to renew my lease and that I'd have to be out when my lease came up Thanksgiving week. I mean, I already planned on moving closer to my mom anyways, but had been planning on going month to month until the apartment I wanted became available, but I won't even be allowed to do that. So I've started packing my crap and moving it to a storage unit (because I don't wanna rush around at the last minute) and am trying to figure out the best way to handle the lapse in residence I may hit.

If updates are slow, I apologize, but when everything's over and the dust settles, expect more great content!

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